Using the Principals' Portal

The Principals’ Portal lets authorised school staff perform the following actions on the My School website:

  1. preview their school's full profile prior to its publication going live
  2. update their school's profile comment 
  3. update their school's URL 
  4. update their school's location 
  5. for independent schools, update their governing body.

Getting access to the Principals' Portal

New principals can ‘Request access’  to create a new account with a new email address. Please note: ACARA may contact your school to confirm authorisation before approving your request. If you already have an approved account that has been transferred into the new Principals' Portal, please reset your password – if you don't get an email with a reset password token, it means you don't have a registered account in the new Principals' Portal and will need to request access.

Previewing the My School website profile page

Shortly before each major update of My School, authorised users can log into their Principals' Portal account, preview their school's pages and query the information to be published.

Editing school profile comments

School profile comments are a statement provided by school principals. This statement is included in a school profile page of the My School website; it presents key aspects of a school, including its mission, values and focus. When preparing a school profile comment, please refer to the guidelines for writing school comments.

Please note: for security reasons, the website will time out after 15 minutes of inactivity. Please prepare your school comment in a Word document and then paste the text to the school comments text box to submit for publication. All school profile comments will be checked by ACARA before being published. Authorised users can access the Principals' Portal and submit a new school profile comment as many times as required.

Editing school URL, geolocation and governing body

Authorised users can update their school URL so that users of the My School website visit the school's most recent website. Sometimes geocoding software does not accurately convert a school's address to the exact location on a map; therefore, authorised users can update the map location of their school by dragging a pin to the correct location and clicking 'Submit'.

Independent schools will by default have their state/territory association of independent schools as their governing body; therefore, authorised users attached to independent schools can update their governing body.

Need more help?

For assistance with accessing or using the Principals’ Portal, email [email protected] or call 1300 895 563 (extension 4).