Bentleigh West Primary School, Bentleigh, VIC

The graph below displays average NAPLAN scores for each domain. Use the drop-down menu to change the year and domain, and toggle between displaying graphs against schools with similar students and all Australian schools by ticking the appropriate category. 

The selected school's average NAPLAN scores are displayed in the diamonds. The colour of the diamonds indicate whether the selected school’s scores are above, close to, or below the scores achieved by other schools with similar students, or all Australian students. The blue line shows the average achievement for similar schools, while the black line shows the average achievement of all Australian schools.

Please note: narrative writing will only appear for 20082010, and writing will only appear from 2011 onward.

2018 was the first year of transition to NAPLAN Online. The NAPLAN Online logo and a dotted line is shown for those schools that participated in NAPLAN Online in 2018. 


Interpreting this graph
Year 3 Reading
Select categories:

Selected school's average when compared to schools with similar students Selected school's average when compared to all Australian schools

substantially above icon substantially above
above icon above
close to icon close to
below icon below
substantially below icon substantially below
margin of error icon Displays margin of error at 90% level of confidence for selected school