My School enables you to search detailed profiles of Australian schools simply by entering a school’s name, suburb or postcode.

On this site, you can quickly find statistical information about schools of interest to you and then compare their resources and performance with similar schools across the country.

Before you start, it may be helpful to discover more about My School and the expanse of information you can access here. Click on the ‘More information’ tab above, or view the video below.

A note from ACARA

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My School is a unique and innovative online resource. It provides up-to-date quality data on the performance and resources available to more than 9,500 Australian schools. The site also allows comparisons to be made between schools.

We acknowledge the strong interest in the site, as evident in the number of visitors each year to the site – over 1.2 million in 2013 – and appreciate the constructive feedback received from those who want more information and those who find the data informative and valuable. This feedback has informed several of the enhancements to the 2014 version of My School.

With 2013 data added, there are now six years for which you can compare a particular school’s progress with that of schools serving statistically similar student populations. There is also a new mapping function to show a school’s location along with other schools in the same area.

My School can be used to view how each year group in a particular school performed in the most recent NAPLAN tests, and to compare this with statistically similar schools. Many people also use it to compare things like how much funding is spent per student in different schools, to see a gender enrolment break-down, attendance rates or teacher numbers.

All of this functionality makes My School an extremely valuable tool for school leaders, school staff and members of school communities as well as policy-makers. As the site enters its fourth year, it is more widely accepted and is now routinely used to inform both policy discussions and public debates. We welcome any discussion that paves the way to improve outcomes for our students – both now and in their future years.

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A message from CEO

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My School overview

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What's new?

New features in this release of My School include:

  • the latest (2013) profile and population data on each school
  • outcomes from the 2013 round of NAPLAN testing
  • six years of performance data for comparison
  • a new map / school location function
  • an enhanced process for the calculation of ICSEA
  • ICSEA values that are more representative of the school
  • the latest financial figures on each school, including capital expenditure and sources of funding.

Are you wondering …

  • who provides the My School website?
  • if you can look up schools outside your own area?
  • whether individuals can be identified from published results?

For answers to questions like these, click on the ‘More information’ tab above. You will find a list of supporting resources including a My School fact sheet and a Frequently Asked Questions document.